• We inspire athletes to be socially responsible and to

    make a positive difference in the lives of others.


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Especially for Athletes (“E4A”) is a movement designed to inspire athletes, and those with whom they associate, to maximize their athletic potential and to use their talents and social influence to assist and lift others. E4A is seeking to build a culture of athletes focused on changing lives through better use of the attention and influence that accompanies their position.

E4A provides education, training and motivational tools to inspire athletes to focus on doing more, and becoming more than just a great athlete.  Schools, teams, youth organizations, and individual athletes are encouraged to become E4A certified and join the growing group of athletes of all ages and skill levels including college and professional athletes in committing to the E4A promise and wearing proudly their Eyes Up-Do the Work wrist band.


Gordon Hayward

Gordon Hayward, current NBA star of the Utah Jazz

“When I heard the passion behind E4A I just knew I had to be a part of it. I really do think people should ask themselves why not and make the Especially for Athletes promise. Eyes Up to me means recognizing without God none of this would be possible.”

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Ty Detmer

Ty Detmer, 14 year NFL pro and Heisman 1990 Heisman trophy Winner

“People will think you are cool because you can throw a football, but it’s about more than that. It’s about being a good person. Especially for Athletes helps people of all ages realize that like no other program I am aware of.”

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Quincy Lewis

Quincy Lewis, Former Naismith High School Basketball Coach of the year

“At the end of the day, the most important thing for athletes is what they learn about life. You can do more than you think you can. Don’t be afraid to be really good. Especially for Athletes really helps athletes be cognizant of what they want to get out of athletics. Players, coaches, parents, everyone can get caught up in wins and losses. But they need to get ready for life and the more they are aware, the better chance they have."

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Core Principles

Core Principles1

Athletes learn to better manage time and approach their days in a way that they can more effectively accomplish goals each day. We call this Winning Each Hour and Putting First Things First.

Core Principles2

Athletes are taught about Resiliency, Competing the right way, and the dangers of misusing the attention they receive as athletes.

Core Principles3

Athletes learn how to be appreciative, sincere in their desires and using sports as a tool to bless the lives of others by giving back, and how to expand the team feel within their community.


Dick Harmon - Deseret News

Deseret News - Dick Harmon: Athletes encouraged to use their power to end bullying and lift those around them

A spotlight that becomes a Sport Light can change lives. That’s the theme of a movement circling around the country. It seeks to rattle athletes to an awareness of the power they have to inspire others and to use their celebrity to elevate those around them.

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Herald Extra

Local program emphasizes positive potential of young athletes

Former athletes Dustin Smith and Shad Martin, however, want to challenge athletes to do more ... much more. They created a program called Especially for Athletes (E4A) meant to encourage those who play sports to get the most out of themselves both physically and socially.

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Eyes up - do the work

Gordon Hayward's important credo: 'Eyes up - do the work'

Hayden Borg, a 15-year-old freshman quarterback and guard on Corner Canyon High School's football and basketball teams, who heard Hayward speak about E4A, wears the same wristband, as do a couple of thousand other kids, most in Utah, but also in other western states.

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Maple Mountain High School athletes inspired by movement

Maple Mountain High School athletes inspired by movement

Especially for Athletes (E4A) is a movement specifically designed to inspire athletes and those with whom they associate, to maximize their athletic potential and to use their talents and social influence to assist and lift others.

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